You will need
  • - the contract with the security company.
First, select the the security company this can be as a police station and private security company (chop). Consider the possible costs of police services are often cheaper, but equipment of private firms is considered more modern and efficient. Private security works everywhere, and private companies, where they gain enough customers. So find out the service area chop, if you live in a remote area. It is possible that in your apartment to set the alarm, only the police.
To enter into a contract with security services, call at any police station, where prompt need the phone. About services of private companies find out of ads, advertising online, in Newspapers, on television. Will discuss the list of possible services, write a letter to the chief.
Then arrange with the inspector when he comes to your home to inspect the object. Find out the requirements of the security company to the apartment; you may need to take additional precautions before entering into a contract. So if your balcony or window opens to the visor, the flat is on the ground floor, install bars on the Windows. You may also need to put motion sensors on glass, etc.
Together with the inspector pick the best set of sensors and systems. Be sure to install a door lock, as thieves often penetrate in the door; can also equip it with a video camera. Also protect the window or the most primitive (and cheap) sensors opening or infrared motion sensors. Note that the motion sensors can respond to animals, so they should be locked away in another room or to put a special system. Very useful may be the sensors of flooding, gas leaks and smoke - signals from them can be not only in the security company, but also the DEATH or the fire Department.
Sign a contract with the security company, which list all possible conditions, for example, the possible amount of compensation (in case the apartment still robbed). Note that the higher the amount, the more the monthly fee. But if the stolen items still find, the money will have to return back.
Arrange a setup time that is convenient for you and for the staff, and put your apartment on the alarm system.