Flat warts represent papules irregular or rounded shape, with smooth surface and clearly defined edges. Their diameter usually does not exceed 5 mm. the Color of flat warts can be from Nude to light brown. Very often they appear on the site of skin injuries – abrasions, scratches.
Before going for surgery, you can try to remove warts with ointments. Well help solkoderm, Kendall or podophyllin. Categorically not suitable for removing flat warts on face drugs with salicylic acid.
The method of laser removal of warts is considered the most modern. The processing of one education spent 2 minutes and rest after the procedure, the hole disappears for 2 weeks. With a laser may be very accurate to the micron, the impact on the wart, allowing you to keep the skin smooth and smooth. Laser photocoagulation is the most sterile method, and in addition, this technology covers the human papilloma virus is way to the skin, preventing recurrence of the defect.
Electrocoagulation – removal of warts using high frequency current. This is a bloodless method, also closing the access of the virus to healthy skin. However, the electrocoagulation is only recommended when a single and a shallow flat wart, because after it leaves small scars.
For a relatively inexpensive methods of getting rid of warts include cryosurgery (removal of liquid nitrogen) and surgical excision. Both these methods leave visible scars and not always effective. So choose them to remove the flat warts on face is not advisable.