You will need
  • - juice of the celandine;
  • - juice of garlic;
  • - Apple juice.
Squeeze a few drops of juice from the crushed garlic pulp, soak in it a cotton Bud and dot neat movements put on the body warts. Try not to hurt the skin around it, treat only the tumor. Repeat the procedure several times a day.
Several times a day lubricate the growths on the eyelids fresh juice of celandine (the white substance that appears on the cut stem). Juice of celandine is very hot, so apply it with thinly shaved matchstick or toothpick without touching healthy tissue.
Grate one sour Apple, squeeze the juice and lubricate the wart during the day with a cotton swab soaked in Apple juice. A few days education will darken and fall off. For this purpose you can use the fresh juice of mountain ash.
Remove the growth with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is performed in the salon – apply to the wart freezing the composition. Cryotherapy can get rid of the small tumors that do not have deep roots, as in the procedure, it is impossible to control the depth of exposure.
Laser removal allows to avoid damage to the skin and leaves no postoperative scars. On the site of the wart remains small footprint, which is barely noticeable. In one session, you can remove several growths and delicate skin of the eyelids, this method is considered the most preferred.
Get rid of warts by coagulation. Burning shock allows you to define and control the depth of exposure but is very painful. After the procedure the eyelids often left a trail visible scar.
Remove growths on the eyelids of the radio wave method. Using this method, you can remove warts by excision method – this ensures complete removal of the inner part of the tumor. Appeared a deep wound requires special care, so this method for removing warts on the eyelids is rarely used.