You will need
  • cryotherapy;
  • - surgical diathermy;
  • - chemical coagulation;
  • - laser destruction;
  • - radiosurgery;
  • - strengthen the immune system.
Usually, genital warts appear in large numbers. Their diagnosis is easy. But the necessary analysis by PCR to determine the amount of the virus to understand – whether there was the appearance of warts due to a sharp decline of immunity or a chronic pathology.
The treatment is going in several directions – surgical removal, reducing the amount of virus in the body, strengthening the immune system. The most popular methods for the destruction of warts include cryotherapy, diathermocoagulation, chemical coagulation, laser destruction, radiosurgery. Each of these methods has both advantages and disadvantages.
Cryosurgery is cauterization of the warts with liquid nitrogen, which are destroyed under the action of low temperatures. The method is quite outdated and used less and less.
Surgical diathermy – the impact on genital warts high temperature incineration. The procedure is painful, is performed under local anesthesia by a special device – coagulant. Requires great care, may be formed rough scar undergone the procedure, healthy tissue.
The most safe and inexpensive method of getting rid of warts is chemical destruction. Is destruction of tissues of pharmaceutical preparations containing concentrated nitric acid. Healing occurs quite quickly, leaves no trace and, even when hit the drugs on healthy tissue, damage is not caused.
An effective and safe method of laser destruction of the wart surgical laser. The disadvantage – relatively high cost of the procedure.
The most modern and safe method is radiosurgery. Excluded burns, scars, the impact on healthy tissue is minimal. The disadvantage include the high cost of equipment, whereby to afford it may be a few hospitals.
In addition to the business of getting rid of warts, you need treatment to reduce the concentration of HPV in the body. This can be achieved only by strengthening the body immune system. Consult a specialist immunologist, which is based on your immunogram recommend taking the necessary adjuvants.