You will need
  • 1) Camerica water.
  • 2) hair clippers hair.
  • 3) Kerosene.
  • 4) Cranberry juice.
  • 5) hair Dye.
  • 6) Comb with frequent teeth.
Usually determine the presence of lice on the head is not difficult. Pediculosis is manifested severe itching in the nape and behind the ears. From head lice to get a bit more complicated than a and pubic. There are plenty of recipes for getting rid of these parasites, the most cheap, tested and effective remedy is americna water, which can be bought in any drugstore and used according to the instructions.
The quickest way of getting rid of lice is to shave off the hair bald. But this method is not suitable for everyone, if the girl has hair to the waist, then it will cut off sorry. But if late, the boy can cut hair. Thus, do not have to apply chemicals.
Back in the old days there was a folk remedy, by which struggled with parasites in the head – that's kerosene. Enough to moisten a cotton ball in kerosene and apply on the scalp and hair. Then put a plastic bag on your head and leave it for a while. From lice you will get, but the hair will lose its strength and become lifeless for a long time. So be careful in the use of this tool.
Cranberry juice is good enough for getting rid of nits thanks to its acidic environment, it destroys and dissolves the outer shell of the egg.
For women suitable method of coloring hair as nits and lice are afraid of hydrogen peroxide, which is contained in each paint. But if you regularly color the hair paint, Contracting head lice is almost impossible.
After using any other tool in the fight against lice and nits, you need to comb your head and hair with a special comb with frequent teeth. To facilitate this procedure can be applied on hair with olive oil or conditioner, it will give a simple slide. To comb the hair will have in a few days to achieve the desired result.