If your apartment has fleas, you will have a hectic time. Fleas are very small, they did not immediately make out, but their bites are quite noticeable. In addition, the bite area becomes itchy, red and long does not heal. They also spread various infectious diseases. So if you see fleas, begin immediate combat.
Be aware that fleas live on the floor or in the things that are located at a height of one meter from the floor. But at the same time, they are very Jumpy, so treat not only floors, but walls and furniture.
Fleas don't like bright light. Open all the curtains so that more light came into the apartment. Wash thoroughly the window, because dusty glass hides to 50% of the light. Well ventilate the apartment.
Then move on to wet cleaning. Fleas don't like water, so a wet rag is the main weapon in the fight against them. Previously remove all the carpets and paths and take them outside for a thorough shaking out. Let they hung there, in the sun as long as possible. Collect all the covers from the sofas and chairs and after shaking a load in the washing machine.
Thoroughly vacuum all upholstered furniture and hard to reach places. After completion of the empty case for debris or replace it with a new one.
In a bowl pour warm water, add a little phenol, kerosene or soap. These odors fleas do not stand up and die. Rinse such a composition floors in all rooms. Especially carefully treat the corners where Pets are.
The same composition rinse and mats for their Pets, and then a couple of times, change the water and thoroughly clean again.
If you've already been bitten by fleas, brush the bites with alcohol or other disinfectant. Daily shower and keep clean clothes. Pay special attention to the feet; change socks regularly, because fleas can hide in their folds.