Sit on the floor, legs pull, hands lower along the body. Inhaling back down a little closer to the floor, and raise legs up, extend hands in front of him. Fix the posture for 1 minute. Exhale lower to the floor and relax the muscles of the press. Repeat the exercise 2 more times.
Lie on your back, legs, pull up, put your hands on the floor. Exhaling, lift the body up, round the back, extend hands at chest level. Hold this position for 1 – 2 minutes. On the inhale lie down on the floor and relax.
Lying on your back, lift your legs up, palms placed under thighs. With an exhalation lift your buttocks off the floor, and hold for 2 seconds on the weight. On the inhale return to start position. Repeat 5 – 7 times.
Lie on floor, bend legs in knees, hands put behind his head. Exhaling, lift the upper body on the inhalation down again on the floor. Depending on your fitness level you can raise the body on different levels. If the press is still weak, it is enough to rise to the bottom of the shoulder blades, if you are already well strengthened, then try to sit in the lift and get the chest to the knees.
Raise the knees bent legs up. Exhaling, stretch the right arm forward and left, and the left knee to the right elbow. On the inhale slightly down to the floor, but not completely down on him. Repeat the exercise, swapping limbs. Do the exercise 20 times in each direction.
Sit cross – legged, hands place on your stomach, keep your backs straight. Exhale, squeeze the muscles of the press, and hold the position for 5 seconds. On the inhale, release the abs, but not round back. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
Hands fold on his chest, buttocks sit on the heels. Exhale will scrutinise in the waist: turn the body right, the hips remain stationary. On the inhale return to starting position. Repeat twist to the left. Do this exercise 10 times in each direction.