Valerian tablets are much more convenient alcoholic tincture, as it can be used for the treatment of children and pregnant women. There is an opinion that the tincture is more effective, but doctors say that the pills have not the worst effect. Just from taking the pill to produce a therapeutic effect is a little more time.
One tablet contains 20 mg of the powder obtained by grinding a thick extract or Valerian root. The drug dilates blood vessels and lowers the heart rate, thereby inhibited the activity of the Central nervous system and normalizes sleep.
Not everyone knows that Valerian not only soothes, but also affect the operation of the digestive tract. Exerting a spasmolytic effect, it can be taken in case of intestinal colic. In this case, the child will be enough to drink one adult and two Valerian tablets once.
With increased nervous excitability, caused by stress or upcoming challenges (e.g. exam), a single dose of Valerian tablets may not be enough. In this case, it is recommended to take 2 tablets three times daily (children one) before eating.
For chronic insomnia and neurosis-like States required a course of treatment with Valerian. The tablets are taken throughout the month, and in some cases even longer. The daily rate of an adult will be 6 tablets in three divided doses. Dose for a child two times less. To take the drug, before food.