Advice 1: How to destroy the beetle

The bark beetles is a real disaster for gardens. They damage the wood, depriving the plant of the ability to obtain the necessary nutrients. If you do not take protective measures and time does not recognize the infestation of a tree by bark beetles, the hundred insects in less than a month will kill an adult plant. Pests also cause serious damage to old wooden buildings. To destroy the beetle is not easy, however, some ways to help deal with this scourge.
How to destroy the beetle
You will need
  • - the drug is an insecticide;
  • - sprayer and a disposable syringe;
  • - individual protective measures;
  • - saw, axe and shovel Korchevaya stumps;
  • - a mixture of clay, manure, humus, manure and agricultural lime);
  • - linseed oil and oil paint;
  • - warm water and a rag to clean the walls.
Carefully inspect all the trees on his land in time to notice the first signs of penetration of the bark beetles in the trunk. On the bark of a sick tree, you can see the characteristic marks and round holes, as well as the accumulation of sawdust"drill flour"); the roots can accumulate fallen shoots with a hole leading inside. If the bark starts to fall off from the trunk, the tree will not be able to save.
Try to cure the infected rodents plant. Done in bugs hole you need to enter with a syringe the solution of the special tools-insecticide against garden pests (such as "Calypso", "Konfidor", "Vectra"; some gardeners also point to good effect from the use of domestic products ", the Empire 20", "Antigun and Anticalin). Definitely stick to the instructions for use on packaging chemical!
Fighter after injection you need to carefully spray the wood after flowering in the morning or in the evening. To do this in rainy weather does not make sense. In two weeks, be sure to perform secondary processing of bark and leaves, to kill the remaining beetles. Don't forget to take all personal precautions: wear clothing with long sleeves and trousers, rubber boots and gloves, goggles and mask for protection of respiratory organs.
Clear the area of trees affected by the bark beetles – most of the diseased plants will not be able to save even the most modern means. According to biologists, the vast majority of bark beetle affects old and unhealthy trees. To completely remove all possible foci of disease, took to drink dry, infected, poorly-rooted plants. Wikicite stumps; remove all woody debris off-site and burn it.
Do preventive treatment of all the trees in the yard or in the garden. Each spring obmazyvat their trunks with a mixture of mud and manure or humus, manure and lime. If the plot with gardens old periodically subject to pest infestations, then after some time of protective manipulation must be repeated up to 2-3 times.
Sometimes to paint the trunks of trees, used oil, white paint or whitewash. Most environmentalists think that the use of these materials for pest management in any case it is impossible – bark becomes impenetrable and changes its natural structure.

In addition, the coating is virtually useless against most species of bark beetles. Only use products approved by experienced growers.
Useful advice
If the beetle seen on the old wooden construction, remove all insulation material and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Then the walls need to apply hot linseed oil and 1-2 layers of oil paint. Typically, this method saves the room from pests, at least for a year.

Advice 2 : How you get rid of woodworm

The bark beetles are particularly dangerous not only cultural trees, but everything that it is. If you do not deal with this pest, your home in the end for five years can turn into dust. Begin in time to combat the bark beetlemi, thus you will avoid the loss of many trees and keep your garden intact.
How you get rid of woodworm
You will need
  • - metal wire;
  • - insecticides;
  • the syringe;
  • brush.
To detect the presence of bark beetles, quite carefully inspect the wood. If you notice small holes in the barrel, and under them small piles of waste wood dust, cut out and immediately incinerate the hopelessly damaged parts of the tree. Otherwise, the bark beetles will make their way further and pass moves around the perimeter of the culture.
Often the prey of the bark beetle become sick, weak and old trees, but often affects the young and neglected trees with weak growth, not knowing for a long time of chemical treatment. Therefore, in order to avoid damage of the wood by this parasite, periodically spray all the rocks with a solution of insecticide that can be purchased at a hardware store.
Take preventive and precautionary measures aimed at creating favorable conditions for the growth of crops. In the fall burn all the leaves and dead branches, which should be periodically cut, so as not to attract the voracious bark beetles. Dead wood and bark of dead trees are not place on the site, burn.
If you have seen a tree infested by beetles-bark-beetles in its early stages, it can still be saved by treatment with a special protective drugs aimed at pest control. To apply this tool should be uniform, treat all the cracks and holes, there can be pending in the marking of eggs.
You can destroy the insect by mechanical means. To do this, take a long steel wire and walk her on all holes and passages (dug beetles-bark beetles), and then swipe to douching with diluted insecticides ("Bitoksibatsillin", "Boverin", "Lepidocid").
If the bark beetles continue after that actively pursue their livelihoods, the treatment in this case is useless. One way out – immediately cutting a sick tree and burn it, thus you will protect other species from further loss.
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