Dial on your phone a special USSD-command *112*(number)*(amount)# to transfer money from MTS MTS. As the amount of transfers you can specify a value from 1 to 300 rubles. Please note that this service is free only if you are in the network coverage area of MTS. Otherwise, its cost is 7 rubles.
Try to refill the account of MTS subscriber using the service of "friend". To activate it you first need to register in the "Internet assistant" on the website received SMS password to log in to your personal account. This password will need for financial transactions. Create a text message, putting it through a space telephone number of the recipient, the amount you want to send, and your password obtained through the website of MTS. The message send to the number 9060. After some time, you will receive a notification stating that the payment was successfully accepted.
You can also send money from MTS MTS with the relevant service "replenish my account". To do this, dial *116*(number)#. Wait for receipt by the subscriber of your request, after which it needs to commit one of the above steps to send the funds to your account.