You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
The image layers contained in the psd file to load it into a graphics editor and at the same time and start Photoshop, double click this file with the left mouse button.
If the panel is to work with layers not displayed in the application window, press the function key F7 or select "Layers" under "Window" menu of the editor.
Click the line for the desired layer panel, right-click and POPs up the context menu, select "duplicate layer". This item is in the section "layers" in the Photoshop menu. They both open a small window where you must enter the name layer duplicate in the field with non-trivial designation "As", or leave it default. To put the new copy can not only in the current document, but in any of the currently open - you can make selections in the drop-down list Document. Click OK when you are ready to duplicate.
When you duplicate you can do without the dialog box - press Ctrl + J, and Photoshop without question will create a duplicate of the selected layer using the default values from the dialog box.
Second from right icon at the bottom of the layers panel is designed to create new layers, but it can be used to duplicate existing ones. For this the string need layer drag the icon with the mouse. As in the previous step, the graphical editor uses when creating the copy default values dialog duplication without showing it to the user.
Another method you can use to duplicate layers that don't have any effects. Select the entire image of this layer by pressing Ctrl + A and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C). Then give the command to the paste operation (Ctrl + V), and Photoshop will create a new layer, by placing a copy in duplicate.