You will need
  • You may need except of fennel seeds:
  • - raspberry leaves;
  • - Apple peel.
  • - currant leaves;
  • - hop cones;
  • milk.
Due to the mild action of dill on the body, decoction of fennel seeds is recommended for the treatment of digestive problems in newborns, infants and older children. Take a teaspoon of crushed fennel seed, brew Cup of boiling water, wrap and infuse for an hour. Then strain the infusion and give your baby one teaspoon three times a day. In older age the number of techniques you can increase to 6. The effect of relief of intestinal colic occurs within 15-20 minutes.
To enhance lactation in nursing mothers, we recommend taking gripe water prepared according to the following recipe. Tablespoon, powdered fennel seeds, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for two hours. Take half a Cup twice a day in small SIPS, trying to delay a little longer in the mouth.
To improve vision, relieve the inflammatory process eyes recommended rinsing with a decoction of fennel seeds. Take a tablespoon of crushed seeds pour a glass of water and simmer for 10 minutes. Cool, strain, pour the broth into the tray for the eyes and rinse them 2-3 times a day. Every time for use prepare a fresh decoction.
Very useful for healing and rejuvenation of the body following Assembly. Take a teaspoon of leaves currant, raspberry, hops and one tablespoon of crushed fennel seeds and dry peel of the apples, pour a liter of water, put on low heat and cook for 10 minutes. The broth cool, strain and drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach and at night. This decoction can take a month 4-5 times a year.
With bedwetting, we recommend taking gripe water prepared according to the following recipe. Boil 1.5 tablespoons of crushed dill seeds Cup of boiling water and put infuse in a warm place for three hours. Drink the infusion after dinner, the course of treatment is one week. This tool is considered radical for enuresis.
For anemia, we recommend taking the following means. A tablespoon of powdered seeds boil a glass of milk and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Let cool and drink the decoction thrice in the daytime.