You will need
  • - direction;
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - extract from the medical history;
  • - results of surveys.
Severe asthma is included in the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation 247, number 14. If you are diagnosed with insufficient function of blood circulation 2 or 3 degrees against the backdrop of severe asthma, then you will receive a lifetime disability, which does not need to be re re-examination. But even if circulatory insufficiency mild or moderate, asthma attacks do not give possibility normally to live and work, then ask your GP the direction on mediko-social examination.
Regional mediko-social commissions of experts considering you submitted the documents and determine suitable for your health condition under the disability or not.
The doctor must write a referral for all tests, as the Commission considers only the results of the surveys. Also the doctor will give you an extract from of medical history with a detailed description of the disease, frequency of relapses with whom you lay in the hospital, will ask for an extract from the history of illness and treatment in hospital, will make the statement all the results of the surveys and will issue a direction to the passage of the Commission.
Bet on the direction a stamp of the clinic the receptionist, sign the direction of the chief physician of the clinic.
Submit to the Commission all the necessary documents. Will need an application, your passport, the results of the surveys, the statement made by the doctor.
On the basis of documents submitted, the Commission will decide which disability group you are assigned. If you were denied assignment of a disability, and you are feeling ill and cannot work, ask for a written refusal, stating the justification for refusal and contact regional expert Commission for reconsideration of your documents.