How to find out debt on the transport tax on the site "public Services"

To obtain information on the portal "public Services" on existing debts on the tax on transport, it is necessary to start to register on it. To do this, click on the link and go through the initial registration and fill the required queries.

After logging in and entering your personal Cabinet you need to go to the page "informing the taxpayer (or his representative) on the status of payments for taxes, fines, penalties". On the open page tab will appear to "Receive service", clicking on which will open the rules. Reading them and confirming the consent to receive services, you must click "Next".

On the opened page will be marked with all personal details filled in automatically based on registration data of the taxpayer. It remains only to make territorial unit of accommodation – a Republic, oblast or Krai. After that, press "Apply", and almost immediately full information about the existing debt on the transport tax will be displayed on the monitor screen. The table indicates the type of tax, the Department of Inspectorate, which has accrued the fee, type of payment (tax, penalty), the amount of debt and the statutory period of payment.

How to find out debt on transport tax in the portal of the Federal bailiff service

If the vehicle owner is not registered on the site "public Services" and does not want to spend time on the identification, you can refer to the service's database of enforcement proceedings, which are posted on the website of FSSP (Federal service of court bailiffs) to learn a debt for the transportation tax.

Official and reliable data "data Bank Executive productions" can be requested only on the website of the Federal bailiff service of Russia

By going to the data Bank Executive productions and after reading the memo on how to use the resource, you need to fill in the search form. Selecting the tab "Search of persons" fill up the first three cells: the territorial authority, name and date of birth, then click "Search". On the screen immediately displays the data on enforcement or lack thereof.

But the absence of records of tax debts in the database of the Executive service does not mean that the tax is not assessed and does not have to pay. This means that until the bailiffs information could still not be reached. Therefore, to avoid troubles and additional fines, it is better to register on the site "public Services" and in the database to check for outstanding tax on the car.