Good economic knife should have a comfortable handle and sharp blade. But first, select the grade of steel from which is made the knife. For example, steel stamps 95Х18Ш used in the manufacture of bearings, is an enviable strength. Steel 65G used in industry in the manufacture of springs and a knifemade from it will be great to shred vegetables and meat, but unfortunately, quickly covered with rust.
The hilt of the knifeand best of all make of oak. It is solid and durable. But in that case, if you decide to dry the blanks for the handle alone, do not overdo it when drying, because wood can crack.
Equipment for the manufacture of the knifeand apply the usual. Needle file, file, drill, grinding wheel, mounted on the rotor of the electric motor
Before starting, determine the design of the future knife. The steel plate needs to viberates the rate of blade plus ? metal for the handle. Stick length must be at least ? the length of the blade.
Using needle files and a file is carved billet blade, cut the holes for fastening the knifeand the handle. Lap undercut the workpiece, checking the sharpness of the blade.
Place the finished knife in the handle, previously doing it with drill holes. Connect the two halves of the handle and fasten it to the blade with rivets.