Buy a few bars of alloy steel with different content of carbon. The average amount of carbon in the steel must vary from 0.5 to 1 percent. It is desirable that this steel was less phosphorus and sulfur. Then it will be of high strength, hardness and ductility. This kind of steel at high temperature is able to curl into a single beam.
Fold their beams of steel and begin to forge them at the forge or anvil at a very high temperature. You will feel like it will literally start to melt. Becoming soft as clay, steel lends itself to further processing. Hammer the steel until, until you reach the desired result.
Then start with the big rasp to carve the shape of your sword. The first time it will be very difficult to do, sometimes you have later to bring her form to perfection. But the work is worth it.
Anneal the sword, as the annealing increases the strength of swords. Pierce it in the oven and then let cool. On the surface of the sword will appear gnarled figure. This is a result of forging operations. Each sword unique pattern, and its symmetry in both planes saber is always judged on the skill of the blacksmith.
The final step in the manufacture of swords is polishing and lubrication. Polish each side of the sword with sandpaper to a perfectly smooth surface. After work RUB the blade to a Shine.