To unsubscribe from the news distribution is quite simple – you can do it at any time. There are some services that are most often used for mailing is Subscribe.Ru,, Рассылки@Mail.Ru, and others. Each of the services is a function of unsubscribe, which you can open any letter which came to you from this service.
To unsubscribe from a mailing, you can open any of the last news letters that you get and look at the bottom of the email a link to unsubscribe. Mailing lists this link looks like: "to Unsubscribe: online, Mail in service you will see the phrase "Remove e-mail from the list of the author" and the service "Рассылки" you need to click on the phrase "to Unsubscribe from this mailing"by selecting the button "Here" or by sending a letter.
Easier just to unsubscribe from the mailing listby going to the website of the service providing it. Thus, you can be sure that refused to subscribe, affirming its refusal. In some services, the potential failure from multiple mailing lists – for that you need to log in to the service under your login, and then select from the list of subscriptions is unnecessary and delete them.
If you subscribe to the RSS feed of any website in Internet Explorer 7 and don't know how to get rid of it, open the browser's "Manage favorites" and select "My feeds". In the list of feeds select the RSS feed that you don't need and delete it.