You will need
  • Computer, Internet, email.
If this list comes against your will, and you didn't sign, get rid of it by the following method. Consider the example of a mail server. Log into your Inbox and choose "settings".
How to get rid of <strong>mailing</strong>
POPs a custom menu which offers a variety of mailbox settings, among which there is such an option as "Black lists". Click on this link.
How to get rid of <strong>mailing</strong>
Fill in the form ' of boxes of those sites where you have unnecessary letters. Click the "Add" button, and it's done! Now the emails from that address will immediately go in the bin or not will be sent to your E-mail.
How to get rid of <strong>mailing</strong>
Another way. Just quietly and peacefully disable emails if You've signed up once on it. Open one of these unwanted outbound email and click on the link, signed "Unsubscribe from lists".
How to get rid of <strong>mailing</strong>
Go to the website, the mail server which carries out distribution. You will see a message that notifies You that the mailing list is disabled.
How to get rid of <strong>mailing</strong>