You will need
  • - telephone directory
  • - Internet access
Try to contact address office of the Federal migration service in Omsk region or send a request at: 644090, Omsk, Lermontova str., 179. Specify the purpose of your treatment. To find out whether it is possible in this city to learn more about a person by the names, you can call in advance by phone (3812) 328-666.
Buy telephone directory of Omsk. Find the index and check whether it appears in the subscriber list of people with the same last name. If you do not know his first name, you'll have to ring round all namesakes. It is possible that he gave permission to publish information about themselves in this book.
Visit sites, Enter in the form to search the subscriber's name and find out if it's in these databases. Unfortunately, they may be out of date, so in this case you will have to rely only on what the person you are looking for, still have not changed your address and phone number.
Post ads in the Omsk newspaper. To do this you will be able and online. Go to the page ("the Omsk house") or "hand to hand. Omsk" ( Specify the name of the desired person and your contact details (phone, e-mail address). Place ads on the Internet at the following sites:,,
Check out not familiar if any of the regulars Omsk forums with this man, or create a topic dedicated to his quest. The address of the most visited forums of Omsk:
Refer to social networks (Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Friends, etc.). First try to find out, was this person on these sites. If not, talk to residents of Omsk to find out if any of them are friends of a wanted man.