If the skin of the neck drooped, there was a second chin, it is urgent to correct the situation. Comes to the aid of a set of exercises. Every morning and evening take a few minutes to run, then beauty, tightened neck will be your business card.- The lips extend forward as a tube. Tighten your neck muscles as much as possible. Strongly articulating, say the vowels: O, U, A, S.
- Index finger press the cheekbones, cheeks, tighten your neck muscles, try to pronounce sound And feel the movement of muscles.
The fingers of one hand, place the collar bone, other hand on chin. Straining the muscles of the neck, alternately pretend to be cheerful and sad face, the corners of the lips down then up.
Cope with premature aging of the skin, tighten the neck, to make it firm will help a special cream. If the collagen is ideal. This substance will pull the folds and wrinkles of the neck.
Don't forget daily self-massage of the neck. Begin with stroking of the lateral surfaces. All movements should be enjoyable, from the bottom up. Then a more intensive massage side area. Give yourself a Pat on the chin with the back of his hand. The front neck massage is not recommended, because in this area are the thyroid gland, do not need any massage. Massage can use a drop of any cream with the addition of any essential oil e.g. rose oil, orange, peach.
To tighten the neck, to improve its appearance, you can use compresses. Prepare a container with hot and cold water. Dip the towel first in hot water, apply for 30 seconds, then swipe the same procedure with cold water. Instead of water you can use a decoction of chamomile. At the end of the procedure, wipe the face with ice, not excluding the neck area.