Exercise number 1: tilt your head back and at the same time try as much as possible the lower lip to cover the top. Hold in this position for 5 seconds, and then lower your head on his chest, relax your lower jaw, but the lips close. Repeat this exercise should be 3-4 times, increasing the duration of training lead up to ten and even twelve times.
The following exercise should be done in a standing position. First, put the right hand on the left, and then put both hands under the chin and strive as if to tip the head back. At this time, the head must resist the movement of the hands, it will create a strong tension of the neck muscles, will contribute to their growth. Being in this position, count to 6-7, then relax your muscles and return to starting position with her head down. Daily repeat this exercise at least four or five times. Also, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, gradually increase the duration of each exercise and number of times.
Now put your hands down "at the seams", shoulders straighten. Lower the head the chest and roll it from left shoulder to right, then Vice versa. You can put your head back and repeat the same steps. Repeated the exercise 4 times.
In addition, there is an exercise called "the Giraffe". You can do it throughout the day it helps reduce pain and fatigue from the neck and shoulders. Stand up, straighten up, put your hands on his shoulders and try to pull the neck up as much as possible (at this time, the hands push on the shoulders, they should not rise). Take a breath, count to ten, then relax. Do exercise "Giraffe" 5 or 6 times.