Find something that interest you, make you think about further developments. If you like reading, then go to a large bookstore there, digging through books on the shelves, select works by favorite authors. Any purchased books will fascinate you, you will wonder how you will act on the characters, what happens to them, what will be their fate. Almost the same story with the fans of the series – something demonstrated on TV can attract your attention.

This will give you a little zatsepochku you to think about the future, began to make plans. Because the desire to watch the sequel or read the book expresses a desire to live, my heart already not completely empty.
People to communicate in this state, choose carefully. Refrain from communicating with advisers that on every issue have their unquestioned opinion, their General recommendations and unsolicited advice will drive you deeper into depression. We welcome people whose positive Outlook on life is energizing and thirst for action. There are individuals with whom you cannot laugh, their jokes and funny stories are always told to place and time.
Listen to your favorite music, maybe you want to sing along or dance. In this case, notice urban billboards – you might be interested in a new Comedy on the big screen, the new production at the theatre, an exhibition, Museum or art gallery. A person with art in the heart there is no emptiness in the soul.
Your pet needs attention and care. Take him – take a walk with the dog or do some parenting unrestrained cat. If you don't have Pets, but have you thought about how to start a loving being, it's time to go to the pet store. Responsibility for smaller brothers are forced to escape from their worries and gradually will pull out of the depression.
For women a very effective way of overcoming the void in the soul is a change of image. A trip to the beauty salon, which offers many treatments for body, face and hair is able to infuse you with cheerfulness and hope for the future. If you have some free money, spend them on yourself – on cute ladies heart things, the possession of which will immediately make you want to brag about them to your friends. And there's no place void.
People almost never absolutely alone, think about people that you know. Give them a call, visit, find out about their problems. Participation in the Affairs of other get rid of the meaninglessness of life and you.