Diet for diabetics when you have the whole day at work, quite difficult. If you visit the snack machines or the cafeteria, it is unlikely that you will find food that is diabetic friendly. Still, even when you spend at work all day, you should eat so to keep your blood sugar under control.

Vending machines are the only food source in many offices. Diabetics have problems with products of this kind, because such food usually contains simple carbohydrates such as refined flour and sugar. Moreover, they are simply unable to replace a complete meal. Eating them, the diabetic is likely to raise the blood sugar. It is best to prepare your own meals.

Fresh vegetables and cheeses are the best option if you have a mini fridge that you can use to store them. When a person has type II diabetes, control blood sugar levels is the most important thing. You'd better do it by yourself choosing foods such as celery, which is nutritious and contains essential fibers.

Nuts - snacks, if you do not have access to the refrigerator. They contain fiber and they are delicious. When you visit a cafe diabetic, probably will face a similar problem, where the offered products are not particularly nutritious. These products usually come from recycled sources so as not to reduce the price on them. Such food can lead to serious trouble and raise blood sugar, so it is impossible to eat. Your blood sugar can rise from the food, but it can also fall from lack of it.

The solution to the problem

Prepare lunch at home in advance and take it with you to work. When your employees see this, they can take you to unhealthy food, just as they children did in the school cafeteria. Just remember that you are doing it for medical reasons, and it is primarily important for you.