So you've decided to open the hood of your Logan, Sandero, Clio or Megane. The first thing to do, being in the cabin of the Renault – find a plastic handle located under the steering wheel a couple of inches to the left of its edge. To open the hood, pull this handle movement yourself.
Then, from the side of the hood, you need to unlock the security lock of the hood of the car. When working in the vicinity of the engine please note that it may be hot. Also remember that the cooling fan may start at any time. There is a risk of injury. To release the lock, lift the hood slightly and release the hook that attaches inside the hood (at the center under the edge). Loosen the hook you, pushing left on the plate, which is located in the center under the hood. It seems when you lift the hood.
Next, lift the lid of the bonnet of the Renault, output metal fence latch and that is very important to ensure your safety, make sure to insert it in the slot of the cover hoodlocated on the left. Field even a gentle kick in the grille or the bonnet as soon as possible, check the lock of the hood in the service center.
To close the hood of the car, set the focus back to the clamp, grasp the middle of the front edge of the hood and lower it, leaving about 20 cm to closed position, and then lower. The hood closes under its own weight. Before closing the hood, make sure you have not forgotten anything in the engine compartment. Make sure the locking mechanism of the hood.