Place frozen berries in an airtight container and put the container in cold water. Defrosting will take 10 minutes depending on the volume of the product.
Sprinkle frozen berries on a plate in a single layer and leave it on the table, allowing to thaw at room temperature. It may take a few hours. Podstolice paper towels that will soak up the thawed juice and ice. This will reduce the defrost time to 1-2 hours.
Download frozen berries in a glass container and send it in the microwave. Set the mode to "Quick defrost". Check the berries after each minute, not to miss the moment when it can thaw and start to heat up.
For quick defrosting berries, Packed in a sealed package, can be placed under running cold water for 10 minutes. Be careful: if the package is damaged, the berries will absorb water and become muddy and watery taste.
Place a bowl of frozen berries in the fridge. So berry will thaw slowly, but gently and less limp. Pounds of berries will be defrosted up to 6 hours.
Frozen berries for baking pies and cakes can be put in the batter without thawing. It will melt from the high temperatures in a wind step and without loss will give their juices confection. Also frozen berries, you can immediately throw in fruit drinks, fruit drinks and jellies.