You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a thin awl.
First, there are two ways of removing the grille. First with the removal of the bumper. Second - without removing the bumper. Many car owners are arguing which method is better, but what you choose is up to you.
So, removing the grille with the removal of the bumper:
Here you should first remove the bumper. To do this, disconnect the ground wire from the battery.
Next, remove the splash shield of the engine. Unscrew the bottom three screws attaching the bumper to protective covers of the wings.
The next step is to loosen the four screws attaching the bumper to the front of the body and the two screws securing the right and left covers of the headlights to the bumper.
You should then turn to the right and left side wheel arch for the two screws attaching the bumper to the front wings and one screw mounting to the left and right protective covers of the wings.
Finally, the last step is to remove the bumper by sliding it forward. After the operation to remove a lattice of a radiator is not difficult.
The second method - without removing the bumper:
You will need a thin awl to remove the grille.
On the front side of the grid alternately right and left through holes of the grille in the bumper press in on the locking washer.
After some time, remove all the washers that hold the grille. The method is quite unpleasant. After removing the grille this way your hands will be pricked and scratched with an awl, but if you are not afraid, you can safely use it.
Also without removing the bumper grille the radiator can be removed thus:
Lift the hood and fix it with emphasis.
Then remove the screws that secure the lights to the panel of the front of the car.
Then remove the lights after disconnecting them from the wiring. Then with a screwdriver, turn a quarter turn locking washers.