You will need
  • cloth;
  • - thread to match or contrast color for decoration;
  • - lightning;
  • button;
  • - gumshoe.
The bag can be made from any fabric, but it will be better if you select dense, holds its shape, for example, crinoline or denim, pieces of natural or artificial leather. Also suitable waterproof fabric, velvet, corduroy and so on. Start with the construction of the pattern. The design consists of two rectangular parts. For example, 40x50 cm
Work start with the decor. Mark the location of an application or embroidery. The application pristrochite on a typewriter on the circuit. Embroidery can be done completely different, here is appropriate any: beading, stitch, cross.
Take the handle so that the bag can be worn across the shoulder. The item handles fold front side and prostrochite cut, remove and proutyuzhte. Stylish handle made of cord braided in a pigtail.
The upper cut parts of the bag fold on the front side. Seam close tape or belt to which you attach the handle.
Sew the sides of the bags. The bottom corners spread out and astrocyte on the reverse side. So your bag will be wider and wider.
If you sew the bag with lighter fabric, you duplicate its details fleece or batting. The bag can be done with the lining, take it to the patterns of the top, sew all the slices, put on the bag, twisted on the wrong side, and baste round the upper cut. Remove the bag on the front side and treat upper sections of piping.
On the upper sections sew a zipper or make a hinged clasp and sew a fancy button. You can make a Velcro, lace or buttons. For a beach option and the clasp not to do.
With summer dresses or sundresses look cute so-called bag-t-shirts. These bags can make almost any outfit look unique. Her pattern is a rectangle with tselnokrajnie strap. The make seam in the middle back and front details. Sew the straps together or just tie a knot.
It was convenient to use the bag, sew the inside pocket for mobile phone and wallet, and then you don't have to shake all of her in search of the right item.