Cheap copies of "Arbidol"

Cheap drugs it is advisable to purchase only if the disease is not severe or neglected. If it is effectively treated only with expensive medications, risk your health better not. As "Arbidol" the most effective in the early stages of infection, with similar success you can take 1 tablet of paracetamol a day and 2 tablets before bedtime.

When choosing a cheap analog "Arbidol" advisable to consult a doctor who will take into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

The action of "Arbidol" is based on immunomodulatory, antigrippina and antiviral effect, which is also available in cheaper "Anaferon", "Amizon", "Skin", "Kagocel", "Isoprinosine", "Tsitovir-3", "Inhaberin-90", "Ezicover", "Interferon" and "Tamiflu". Often "Arbidol" replace "Remantadin", which can be bought for 100-150 rubles without a prescription, but he has a lot of contraindications. However, it is the best equivalent of "Arbidol" because Rimantadine has a pronounced antiviral effect.

Natural replacement of "Arbidol"

As the prevention of seasonal infectious diseases can often ventilate the apartment, take a multivitamin, propolis, pollen, honey, bee-bread, onions, garlic and lemons. No harm will General hardening and walks in the fresh air. "Arbidol" can be replaced by a decoction of bilberry and rose hips, the fruits of which have a restorative effect with reduced immunity. They contain 10 times more vitamin C than in the currants and 50 times more than fresh lemon. The fruits of bilberry have antimicrobial action and allow the liver to more effectively cope with the toxins produced by the disease.

Rosehip increases the body's resistance to various infections and the ability to work under physical and mental fatigue.

Also physicians recommend to replace "Arbidol" immunomodulators of plant-based, which include vitamins, glycosides, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannin, thioglycoside, essential oils and anthraglycosides. These drugs have a broad spectrum, well tolerated by the body and a small number of complications even after long use. Usually in plant immunomodulators complexes contain substances that accelerate the metabolism and consequently the recovery.

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