You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the amount of the first installment:
  • for Deposit in rubles — 10 rubles.;
  • for a Deposit in U.S. dollars — $5;
  • for payments in euros — €5;
  • for payments in other currencies — the equivalent of $5 US.
Select a branch of Sberbank, convenient for the working schedule, proximity to home, availability of electronic queue, ATMs, etc.
Please contact the appropriate division of the savings Bank during working hours. The consultant will Express the desire to open RAaccounts account name purpose for which you intend to do (receiving wages, the long-term Deposit account in the name of the child). The operator on the basis of the information obtained, will recommend the appropriate banking service. Most often, an individual account is opened under a long-term Deposit "Universal" with the ability to perform debit transactions. The Commission is equal to zero, even accrue interest is 0.01% per annum.
Read and sign the provided by the Bank the contract on opening the account. Tell the operator the completed documents together with your passport.
To complete the account opening procedure, it is necessary to make a minimum contribution depending on the selected currency (10 p, $5 or €5). You can make a large amount, if there is a need for this. The minimum additional contribution by the Bank is not limited. Money will be the operator immediately. Documents and savings accounts (and credit card if you selected the account), you immediately get together with the receipt on reception of money.
When receiving a savings account the teller will also give you details of the branch and your account. Account number for making cash transactions (accruals, transfers) must be as specified on the cover page of the passbook, and in agreement with the Bank.