You will need
  • consultant on banking services
  • - full package of necessary documents
  • - cash to pay for the cost of Bank services
Current account is a Bank account for a legal entity (in this case LLC), which key functions is the storage of cash, non-cash other legal and physical persons. When opened, it is assigned a unique number, which should be reflected in all relevant documents.
Financial activities account is of great importance:
- greatly simplifies the process of settlements with suppliers and customers;
- ensures the safety of storage and movement of cash;
- according to the law, the account refers to "call deposits".
In accordance with the rules of the Bank, at the end of the reporting period, the balance of funds should be charged a certain percentage.
In order to open an account, you must submit to the Bank the following documents:
- application for opening an account (application form gives the Bank);
- constituent documents and the certificate on the state registration of the LLC (a copy of the organization's Charter and articles of incorporation, registration certificate and the information certificate of incorporation, the certificate on statement on the account in inspection FNS the Russian Federation;
- specimens of the signatures of the Director and chief accountant;
- documents on the appointment to the post of Director and chief accountant;
- seal.
All copies of documents must be notarized. In the future, the Bank will execute the payment order only if the provided signature and seal, an impression of which was provided.
When submitting the full package of documents to the Bank, between the Bank and the agreement for account maintenance, where you must specify a unique invoice number, date of conclusion of the contract and its entry into force and described in detail in terms of banking services and their cost.
The choice of Bank for opening a Bank account - a very serious matter, it should be approached with the utmost seriousness. The main points when choosing a Bank, you should pay attention:
- the location of the head office and branches of the Bank, distance from your office. Indeed, in further accounting will have to take back the documents and payment orders;
- the cost of banking services (monthly account maintenance fee for payments and cash withdrawals, the collector service);
- the rating of the Bank and its reputation.
You need to compare the above parameters in multiple banks, to consult with knowledgeable people and read reviews about the banks. Only be used after weighing it should make the decision and sign a contract.