You will need
  • Dipstick, engine oil, watering can, napkin
To check the oil level should only to start the engine. You cannot check the oil with the engine running (hazard!), and after turning off the engine. In the first case it is possible to obtain a jet of boiling oil in the face, in the second, boiling oil will not show true level in the engine. To check the level of oil should be on level ground.
Near the engine, find the dipstick. Outside, most often it is similar to the plastic handle, however it is a lot like a flattened needle. Gently remove, wipe with a cloth and again lowered into the hole for the dipstick. This is to ensure that the indications were "clean", without considering the tilt of the car. Again take out and look at the mark – notches: max (top, MAX), middle (MID) and minimum (lower, LOW). If the notch is covered with oil level "MAX" or "MID" - all right. If the minimum level – the oil should be topped up.
Refill oil better than type, which was covered initially: mineral, synthetic or polysynthetic: "mineral", "semisintetic" and "sintetic", and even better – the same brand. Oil of the same type, but different brands should not mix: motor oil blend can't handle it.
Open the engine cover plug (it has an image similar to a funnel), insert funnel and carefully, trying not to drip oil on the engine topped up with oil. 1-1,5 liters will be enough. Carefully and tightly closed tube. Then again check the dipstick, the oil level and make sure that the level is sufficient.
If still drops of oil was on the engine, you need to carefully wipe with a napkin.