Before you replace oil, you must warm the engine up to operating temperature. Then, so as not to burn the drained oil, you need to wait a few moments and choose the most convenient container to contain working out. The best solution is to use old plastic cans with cut side cover.

Next, the driver needs to turn the tube pan. Initially, the tube, Unscrew the key, however, a little later, you should turn the tube by hand, pre-prepared container for testing. Time oil drain takes less than 5 minutes. As a rule, in the traditional method of replacing the oil in the engine will remain at least the old grease.

Note! When draining the old oil you need to pay attention to the color and the presence of impurities. Thus be able to decide whether to flush the engine or not.

After draining the old oil, replace the oil filter for a new one. Some experts say that when you install a new filter element it is necessary to pour a drop of oil and butter to grease a landing elastic band for a better clamp.

After you install the filter you need to wrap the tube pan and fill with new oil guided by the oil dipstick. Next, you need to visually ensure no leakage, start the engine and warm up to operating temperature.