You will need
  • Gloves and a dry cloth.
To measure the level of oil in the automatic transmission, you need to perform the following actions: warm the gearbox, after driving 10-15 miles, then put the car on a smooth horizontal surface without turning off the engine.
Wear gloves, prepare a dry rag and open the hood. Closer to the partition separating the engine compartment from the cabin, you will see a loop probe similar to the loop probe for measuring the level of oil in the engine. As a rule, it is painted in bright color.
Pull the loop and pull the dipstick from the gearbox. Wipe the dipstick with a rag and reinsert it until it stops. Pull out the dipstick again. The lowest dry place and will indicate the level of oil in the automatic transmission.
Often on the dipstick there are more marks for measuring the level of cold oil. They are designed to approximate the level when changing oil. But the final level still should check with warm oil. There are still marks about the situation in which the automatic transmission should be checked the level of oil and mark the type of oil. If the level of oil is correct, insert the dipstick back and close the hood.