You will need
  • - user's manual of the camera
Disable flash in the camera settings. Read the instructions that came with your camera, or try to turn off the flash button with the lightning bolt on the housing of the camera button. Watch the screen — it should appear an icon showing a crossed-out lightning or a proper title. When photographing people, choose the protection mode red-eye marked with icon in the form of the eye.
Turn off auto. Switch to the shooting mode, in which using a flash is not required - semi-automatic mode, "Landscape" or "Sport". If you decided to shoot in manual mode, you must set independently the parameters of the light. Examine the literature on the subject to get good shots.
If you use an SLR or advanced digital camera with self-rising flash, just close (close) the flash with your hand or hold it with your finger. Turn the shooting mode without flash. If you know how to set the settings in manual mode, select the camera "A", "M" or "R".
Go through the settings of your camera, if you want to shoot in auto mode. In the menu find the item on the flash (if the menu is in English, look for the word flash). Disable in the menu item "Auto enable flash" or "auto-flash".
When using a film camera, disable the flash by using a special switch if the camera allow for automatic rewind of the film. If possible only manually rewind the tape, turn off the flash using remove the batteries of the camera to the lens opening.
Turn off the flash switch, which can be found directly on it or disconnect the flash from the camera. Try not to touch the contacts on the flash.