You will need
  • - salt
  • - liquid formulations – stain removers
  • - ammonia
  • - acetone
  • - gasoline
  • - denatured alcohol
  • - vinegar
  • - Laundry soap
Soak the stain.
Before proceeding to the immediate removal of stains, let them soak. Dilute a solution of salt and soak in need of cleaning the place up for a few minutes. Then carefully vyprosit clothes and RUB soiled areas with a soft cloth soaked in the same solution. Wash thing.
Use liquid formulations – stain removers.
Liquid detergents have better reactivity in comparison with detergent. Stains pour a small amount of stain remover, leave on for a specified time grower. Wash it, wash it thing.
Print stains with ammonia.
To wash off yellow stains and traces of sweat you can use several types of solutions, which include ammonia. A mixture of common salt and ammonia to remove yellow stains from natural fabrics – flax and cotton. Equal parts universal solvent and use ammonia to clean wool sweaters and pullovers, silk blouses. Old and stubborn stains from sweat, try to remove mixture of ammonia, denatured alcohol, acetone or gasoline.
Scour the yellow stains with vinegar.
Soak the garment in warm water with a few tablespoons of vinegar (vinegar pre-dilute with water). Then wash the stains in the underarms by hand, using soap solution.
Boil clothes.
White cotton fabric with finely chopped boil soap. Thing rinse, then wash in the washing machine with the addition of stain remover. If the stain has not disappeared, try to RUB soiled areas with household soap and leave for a while. Then again wash the stain using soap.