You will need
  • Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, aspirin, Tartar sauce, soap "Antipyatin"
Start with the basics - apply to spots some concentrated washable liquid remedy that specializiruetsya for removing protein-based stains. Plentifully moisten they stains and leave on for half an hour. Then wash as usual and air dry. If after washing the stain is still visible, then again, moisten a spot with this tool and put the thing in the sun for the whole day. Periodically, rinse the stain with water to not dry up. In the evening wash clothes and air dry.
If stains from sweat on the white blouses and shirts, then the best option here - hydrogen peroxide. It reacts with proteins and destroys them, hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties. Pour pharmacy peroxide diluted in half with water on the stain and wait a half an hour. Then wash and dry in the air. When a partial removal of stains repeat the process, only make the solution more concentrated.
Things for color hydrogen peroxide is contraindicated here can help out vinegar. Dissolve a spoon of vinegar in half a glass of water, soak the stain for half an hour and then wash.
If all else fails, there's a pretty effective method - a paste of aspirin and Tartar sauce. One spoonful of the sauce mix three crushed tablets of aspirin in a glass of water. Thoroughly brush and RUB the mixture into the stains, leave the thing for half an hour. Then rinse the pasta. If necessary, repeat the treatment.
Try to get rid of stains with the help of Antipyatin soap, however, it is not in all hardware stores. They RUB the stains, wait about an hour and then wash.