The certificate of a professional accountant can not get each specialist. The passport is issued only accountantm with higher economic accounting education, with experience as a chief accountant (or Deputy) or a teacher (consultant) at accounting, and at least for three years. Call one of the educational centres under the Institute of professional accountants of Russia and enroll in the course. Classes are held three times a week in the evenings, there are also groups of the day, so that you can be trained in parallel with the main work.
Apply and complete the training in one of the accredited training centres. Training course on "Preparation and certification of professional accountants consists of 240 academic hours. He developed in accordance with the "Measures for implementation in 2001-2005 program of reform of accounting" which was approved by the Russian Government in 2001. Training could be obtained in different ways: chief accountant, accountant, financial Manager, financial consultant. Courses can also be basic or advanced. On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance. If you want to obtain a certificate of a professional accountant, you will have to pass the exams.
The exam is conducted in two stages. Stage 1 – oral-written exam, which is taken teachers teaching training center. Passing it, the student is a specialist admitted to the second stage. Stage 2 – written exam. The second stage is carried out by the Institute of professional accountants of Russia (IPBR). It IPBR and makes a decision on issuance of the certificate of professional accountant. This certificate is valid for five years. In order to have the accountant was entitled to a renewal certificate, it must continually undergo professional development. That is why the job often requires certificate – it is a clear proof that the accountant is not in place in professional education.