Advice 1: How to get a certificate for pre-trip inspections

To perform certain functions even licensed physician or physician assistant requires additional training. For example, the medic will need a certificate to conduct pre-trip examinations of drivers of public transport. How to obtain this document?
How to get a certificate for pre-trip inspections
You will need
  • - a diploma of secondary or higher medical education;
  • - money to pay for training and certification.
Find your city Agency that is responsible for issuing such certificates. It can be medical schools, faculties of medical universities and centres of excellence for doctors. Their coordinates can be found in the directory of organizations in the city or on the Internet. Before the personal visit will confirm by phone the necessary details. Including the cost of training.
Sign up for a special course "Organization of pre-trip examinations of drivers of motor transport". Usually such courses are organized several times a year, so choose the most suitable date. Pay for the training. The cost depends on your city and the specific educational institution. Also check with your employer if they are willing to reimburse you for the cost of tuition.
Successfully complete the course. He is 72 academic hours in the state educational standard. At this time included theoretical and practical classes.
At the end of training test for mastery of the material. It will include what you previously learned in the training course:

- the course of medical examination;

- taking necessary tests;

- criteria for admission or non-admission of an employee of the transport company to work;

- fill in a the law of medical documentation like workflow inside the enterprise and regulatory organizations.
Upon successful completion of the knowledge test you will receive a certificate for pre-trip inspections. You will receive the right to work in a medical facility providing similar services, and with close transportation company, if it is a separate item for examination.
The certificate has a validity of five years. Once it expires, you will need to get a new one.

Advice 2: How to get a medical certificate

In the modern world in order to be able to engage in any activity, you need to have a certificate specialist. To graduate from the medical institution and obtain a diploma is not enough in order to engage in professional activities, must undergo a mandatory certification process. That is , the certificate would be evidence matching your knowledge and skills.
How to get a medical certificate
Remember that any medical certificate of a specialist is valid for five years, after which you must re-confirm the right to work in this specialty. Each medical Academy organized certification cycles, the nature of the improvement for professionals working at least one year. The duration of the course on thematic improvement must be not less than 144 hours.
Write a statement addressed to the head physician with the request to allow you to pass the course. Remember that the staffing of the certification cycles correlated with the need of healthcare institutions in the training of employees. If you are in need of primary specialization, be aware that the Department of health and your health care facility can contract with the faculty about training you as a professional.
Grant to the Academy the relevant documents. Please note that the certification Commission of the medical institution is obliged to consider the application and other your documentation within 1 month. At the time of submission of documents to check the requirements of the certification fee and the nature of the certification cycle. Then identify topics for self-study (they should be about 1/3 of the curriculum), coordinate this with the curator of the cycle.
Upon completion of training, be ready to endure the certification exam, after successful completion of which you are entitled to expect to receive the required certificate. Without examination a certificates expert issued only to doctors on the basis of submitted documents.

Advice 3: How to get certificate of doctor

Medical care refers to the services subject to mandatory certification. The certificate gives the doctor the right to work independently. The certificate is issued after completion of the certification cycle (training, recertification) special educational and medical institutions and are valid for 5 years. If the work experience of a doctor with a degree less than 5 years, he must pass the appropriate specialization training at least 500 hours in praesentia or in absentia.
How to get certificate of doctor
The law requires certification not only to graduates of medical schools but also physicianm with a background of years of successful operation. However, the studies and examinations require much time, nerves, and sometimes of material resources, which can not affect the quality of service doctor their patients.
So, of course, the process of certification of doctors in Russia is more formal. However, article 54 of the "Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation about health protection of citizens" from 22.07.93 № 5487-1 (in ed. from 02.12.2000) States that "the right to engage in medical activities in the Russian Federation shall have the persons with higher or secondary medical education in the Russian Federation, having the diploma and a special rank, and to engage in certain activities the list of which is established by the Minzdrav of Russia, is also a specialist certificate and license. However the types of medical activity requiring licensing and certification, to date not defined, so each facility has the right to set their own qualification requirements for the specialists.
To obtain the certificate a recertification of a medical professional, there are three ways, from the perspective of the law. You can pass a planning cycle in the education Department at the nearest medical Institution, if available and if the UNIVERSITY wants you to teach.
You can also take this course on a paid basis. This is usually easier, but more expensive. If you are a working professional, and the clinic is interested in you, receive a certificate you can, after training under the direction of the clinic in a particular health educational institution.
There is the illegal way of obtaining of the certificate purchase. However, before you choose, consider that you risk your reputation of the doctor and specialist.

Advice 4: How to get 13% of the cost of education

Students studying on a commercial basis, probably heard that you can recover some of the money spent on training. But how, when, and where to get the money, they don't.
How to get 13% of the cost of education
Return of the cost of training can be 13%, it is called tax deduction for tuition. But the deductions have limitations.

What is a tax deduction

Tax deduction - amount that is deducted from the income of physical persons at the rate of 13%, is regulated by the RF tax code article 219. The refund of tuition and refundable portion of income tax paid to the budget during the year (also held on the work with wage).

In order to recover 13% should:

1) go to College (her, your children or wards).

2) to Be a payer of the tax to incomes of physical persons.

To learn the amount you will receive, you need to take an income statement on form 2-NDFL, it shows your annual income and tax (13%), which was paid. Of the total amount of income you need to subtract the amount of expenses spent on training, and subtract the tax. As a result, the government returns the difference of the amount that you have paid and which have been prepared to pay.

Note that the amount of the deduction is limited to the state not more than 120 000 rubles.

Deduction recipients may include: students who pay the student from its own funds, as well as parents of students under 24 years of age and their custodians.

No matter in public or in the commercial establishment you are educated. You only need to check the license on the provision of education services.

A refund can be issued not only for higher and secondary education, but also, for example, if you learn in driving school, pass courses and so on, you can apply for a tax deduction.

What documents are provided

For social deduction it is necessary to the tax office to provide:
- agreement and a copy of the contract on training, which can be issued to the student or his parents (Trustees, adoptive parents);
- payment documents (copies) confirming the fact of payment of training;
- the inquiry on incomes under the form 2 NDFL;
- a statement of tax deduction;
- a certified copy of the license of the educational institution.

To obtain a tax deduction, you must provide all the above documents to the tax inspection at the place of your registration, at the end of the calendar year in which the payment was made, but not later than three years.
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