You will need
  • - a diploma of secondary or higher medical education;
  • - money to pay for training and certification.
Find your city Agency that is responsible for issuing such certificates. It can be medical schools, faculties of medical universities and centres of excellence for doctors. Their coordinates can be found in the directory of organizations in the city or on the Internet. Before the personal visit will confirm by phone the necessary details. Including the cost of training.
Sign up for a special course "Organization of pre-trip examinations of drivers of motor transport". Usually such courses are organized several times a year, so choose the most suitable date. Pay for the training. The cost depends on your city and the specific educational institution. Also check with your employer if they are willing to reimburse you for the cost of tuition.
Successfully complete the course. He is 72 academic hours in the state educational standard. At this time included theoretical and practical classes.
At the end of training test for mastery of the material. It will include what you previously learned in the training course:

- the course of medical examination;

- taking necessary tests;

- criteria for admission or non-admission of an employee of the transport company to work;

- fill in a the law of medical documentation like workflow inside the enterprise and regulatory organizations.
Upon successful completion of the knowledge test you will receive a certificate for pre-trip inspections. You will receive the right to work in a medical facility providing similar services, and with close transportation company, if it is a separate item for examination.