Question about how to write a personprescribed in privatized apartment, depends on whether he is the owner of the apartment or minors. In the first case, to write it you can't. If we are talking about discharge of a minor or incompetent person, to discharge him, you can only with the permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, notarized permission of his legal representatives, provided that similar conditions of housing.
If the person is not the owner of the privatized apartments, it can be registered in it, provided that he is a member of the family of the owner of the property or the right to use any legal Foundation. You can check it out if the right to accommodation and the use of the apartment will be deemed lost. That is, on the basis of a court decision.
The basis for the loss of the right of use of the privatized apartment and the subsequent discharges can be:- the Respondent is not a member of the owner's family, and the apartment was acquired in the property before the marriage; the Respondent longer live in the apartment, usually resident at a different address, does not pay for utilities and does not participate in its content;- the Respondent has never actually lived in this apartment.
Collect the documents confirming these facts. In the first case this document is the certificate of divorce. In other cases, you will need certified by the ZHEK neighbours ' evidence that the defendant does not reside in the apartment, and the testimony of the district and the receipt on payment of utilities, which is your signature. Write a statement to the district court on eviction registered in your own apartment citizen.