Try to persuade people to leave voluntarily. This will provide the most simple for you. In this case, he will have to go to the passport office and write a statement of deregistration.
Upon discharge of the child, note that it needs to be registered with one of the parents. If he had not yet turned 14 years of age, the application for it must be submitted by the father or the mother. In the event of their failure to achieve registration of the child at the place of residence of the parents through the courts. The sale of apartments will require the consent of bodies of guardianship and guardianship to remove the child from the register. Thus, in the case of a significant deterioration of living conditions, the guardianship can and to refuse to sell housing.
Ex-wife you can be evicted, recognizing the former family member. To do this, make an application to the court. If it is satisfied that its name can be deleted from the brownie books. Note that in the same way to remove from registration of your children will not work. You will need the mother's consent to register them at your new place of residence.
If the apartment was the person who does not live there and which for a long time, there is no information, contact the court for recognition of its missing. But it should not be at the place of residence for at least five years.
In a situation when you know that person lives in another place, but he still doesn't want to leave, you can apply to the court for its de-registration. In this case you will need to prove the fact of his absence in the apartment and that he had not paid for its share of utility bills.