You will need
  • Operating system Windows Seven.
Part of sound scheme includes about 30 different files with the wav extension. Listen to them, it is sufficient to use the standard viewer and media experience Windows Media Player. To listen need all the files to find the one that should be replaced.
Open "My computer", locate the icon for the system drive (default C:). Double click it to open it. Most likely, you will see a message warning you about further actions. Click on the only link in this window to continue with the system disk.
Next, you should find the Windows directory. If your computer has 2 operating systems, the native directory system can be called differently, for example, WinOS, Win, etc., Open this directory, then double-click on the folder Media. Inside this folder are the files of the wav format.
To listen to these files, open Windows Media Player. Click the top menu "File" and select "Open". In the window that opens, navigate to the Media folder, highlight all files (Ctrl + A) and click Open. Listen to all the tracks to find the correct one.
Once you know the name of the file, is to do a few things: rename the files and copy them to this directory. You need to copy the new file with sound download system copy to Media. Then rename the original file by specifying another name, but do not forget to copy the original name.
Rename the new file, pasting the already copied original name. Now restart the computer, log in and enter the administrator password if required. At system startup, you will hear the corresponding sound. If playing a new track, therefore, the replacement is successful.