You will need
  • laptop
  • headphones.
If speakers laptop you much in the way (not deactivated when headphones are connected, damaged, or rattling even at minimum volume level), it is most effectively to disable them forcibly. Alternatively squeaky sound when working at a personal computer, use compact headphones or a quality stereo system if you want your chosen music heard everything.
So you are tired of the sound of old loudspeakers, and you decide to turn them off. There are a couple of ways.
The first method involves a physical disconnection from the system. This will take a little to disassemble the laptop. Initially, we recommend you disconnect it, then Unscrew all the screws (depending on model of laptop can be enough remove the panel that covers the speakers), and disconnect the power wires and feed the audio signal to the speakers (maybe one of two).
The second method is to disable the speakers in the laptop with a special program. This is done with just a few clicks. This method is used by PC users for which to disassemble the "smart" technique is too difficult.
In most laptops the audio device integrated into the motherboard and go to it the appropriate drivers and software. Thus, it is quite popular and used in 90% of the computers audio device from Realtek. Its software Manager Realtek HD, which is installed with the driver. You will just need to configure the speaker output of the laptop. Simply connect to the audio connectors, headphones, or stereo system, and built-in speakers will be disabled.
To do this, you must perform the following steps:
- open the program by double clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate icon near the clock in the tab "Sound inputs / exits"
- select the checkbox on the button "Disable sound output when headphones are connected".