If you have started your period as usual, but you think you may be pregnant, immediately buy a test. Do it in the morning and note the number of red strips. If there are two of them, then you are pregnant. It sometimes responds to normal hormonal failure, so it cannot be considered 100% correct, but to go to the hospital still stands.
In the first weeks of pregnancy in women start to appear suspicious symptoms that should alert not less than the positive test result: a little nauseous, loss of appetite, dizziness, frequent mood changes and others. But symptoms may not occur in all women, and they are of an individual character.
If you want to keep the baby, contact your gynecologist. After you take a blood test for hormone levels - all will become clear. Also a doctor will examine you, which will determine the size and height of uterus pregnancy and even to determine the approximate date. And of course, ultrasound has not been canceled, the device detects the presence of the ovum in the early stages when it is still attached to the walls of the uterus.
After all the tests and ultrasound, you will probably be offered to go to the hospital. To refuse it is impossible, as there is every chance to lose the baby. During pregnancy should not be monthly, but there are exceptions. Some women, pregnant 2-3 times, I can say that they have menstruation was about 3-4 months after conception. Yes, it happens, but if you want to have a healthy baby, then immediately call an ambulance or get yourself to the nearest hospital. Most bleeding appears as a result of hormonal failure or the delamination of the embryo, which could result in failure.