Advice 1: How to determine pregnancy, if menstruation

Pregnancy and monthly - are incompatible. Normal pregnancy should not be accompanied by any bloody discharge. But increasingly, there are deviations from the norm, some women do not even realize that this is the first sign to run to the doctor as soon as possible. To determine pregnancy during menstruation is possible, but only will it save?
How to determine pregnancy, if menstruation
If you have started your period as usual, but you think you may be pregnant, immediately buy a test. Do it in the morning and note the number of red strips. If there are two of them, then you are pregnant. It sometimes responds to normal hormonal failure, so it cannot be considered 100% correct, but to go to the hospital still stands.
In the first weeks of pregnancy in women start to appear suspicious symptoms that should alert not less than the positive test result: a little nauseous, loss of appetite, dizziness, frequent mood changes and others. But symptoms may not occur in all women, and they are of an individual character.
If you want to keep the baby, contact your gynecologist. After you take a blood test for hormone levels - all will become clear. Also a doctor will examine you, which will determine the size and height of uterus pregnancy and even to determine the approximate date. And of course, ultrasound has not been canceled, the device detects the presence of the ovum in the early stages when it is still attached to the walls of the uterus.
After all the tests and ultrasound, you will probably be offered to go to the hospital. To refuse it is impossible, as there is every chance to lose the baby. During pregnancy should not be monthly, but there are exceptions. Some women, pregnant 2-3 times, I can say that they have menstruation was about 3-4 months after conception. Yes, it happens, but if you want to have a healthy baby, then immediately call an ambulance or get yourself to the nearest hospital. Most bleeding appears as a result of hormonal failure or the delamination of the embryo, which could result in failure.

Advice 2: How to determine pregnancy a little

With the onset of pregnancy female body immediately begins to regroup and prepare for child bearing. Strict women soon after fertilization notice the obvious signs that they are in an interesting position, especially if the baby long-awaited and desirable.
How to determine pregnancy a little
You will need
  • - test to determine pregnancy;
  • - mercury thermometer.
Note, not whether there has been an increase in appetite or may be experiencing taste changes. The body is in a state of pregnancy able to claim missing him minerals, so often there is a desire to eat something special.
A few days after possible conception note on his chest. Breasts with pregnancy are preparing for lactation, so you will be able to note the seal's chest and the slight increase in size. The areola area may be darker, and the nipples become more sensitive.
In the first trimester a clear sign of pregnancy can be morning sickness. The body's reaction to hormonal changes is manifested in nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning. Therefore, poor health can be a sign of pregnancy.
Watch how quickly you get tired from the usual work. During pregnancy for a small period the body actively produces the hormone progesterone, so physical fatigue comes faster. Perhaps after lunch you want to take a NAP or some time to sit.
Pay attention to changes in the emotional sphere. If you become irritable or have mood shifts, it is also a sign of hormonal changes in the body. For this reason, you can mark causeless anxiety and excitement.
To determine pregnancy in a little time will allow the measurement of basal body temperature. In the morning after you Wake up, insert a mercury thermometer in the rectum for some time. The basal temperature from 37°C indicates a possible pregnancy.
When pregnancy occurs, menstruation ceases. So pay attention to your menstrual cycle, the delay may be obvious, but not the only symptom of an interesting situation.
Do home test for pregnancy from the first day of menstruation. Collect the middle portion of morning urine, put to it the test strip for 20-30 seconds. Put the test on a dry surface and a few minutes to evaluate the result: a single band indicates negative pregnancy tests, two that she came.
For a more accurate diagnosis of pregnancy submit to a blood test for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The shell of the ovum produces the hormone that is detected in this analysis.
Pass gynecological examination. An experienced specialist is able to determine pregnancy for a small period for changes in external genitals and the cervix. In any case, consultation of the gynecologist is needed even if pregnancy is absent.
Go ultrasound of the pelvic organs. The doctor will identify the presence or absence of the ovum in the uterus and determine the term of pregnancy. Also, when an ultrasound diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy. With 4-5 weeks of fetal development specialist able to give a prognosis of the pregnancy.
Useful advice
When determining pregnancy, just a little not focus only on one basis, and take into consideration a few "symptoms" which identify his new condition.

Advice 3: Is it possible to determine twins without ultrasound

It is believed that the shape of the abdomen, health in pregnancy and the rate of weight gain can tell you not only about the sex of the unborn child, but also on the number of embryos. All of this can determine a woman alone, drawing attention to the morning sickness, the fatigue and emerging taste preferences. All these features are enhanced in a situation of development within it two fruits. A gynecologist is also already at the first examination can determine if your pregnant with twins or fraternal twins. Subsequently conducted research ultrasound this information is confirmed.
Is it possible to determine twins without ultrasound

As a gynecologist detects pregnancy twins without ultrasound

Multiple pregnancy has become quite common. Its appearance is due to mainly genetic factors. It often happens that a pregnant woman accustomed to the thought of one child at the second trimester gets a lot of stress, having learned that she is awaiting the birth of twins or twins. In fact, the gynecologist can identify the pregnancy in the very beginning. Help him in this visual inspection and test results.

For example, the twins will immediately tell enlarged uterus and a strong surge of HCG hormone, it is typical only for pregnant women. His normal rate is equal to 3, and in the presence of two fetuses, this figure will double. Screening will identify a large protein in the test APF. Double heartbeat, which are defined by special system Doppler on the eighth week of pregnancy will also talk about the two children in the womb. On small time ultrasound may not show two fetuses, because one can hide behind others. But during the inspection, an experienced doctor will be able to probe and put the woman into fame.
Many believe that ultrasound will harm an unborn baby, and basically do not go to them. 3 procedures for the period of pregnancy are the norm. They not only will not harm the baby's health, but will help to detect defects.

Symptoms of multiple pregnancy

These signs are certainly more intuitive than factual. But it often happens that before the arrival on the ultrasound the woman believes in the imminent birth of twins. The most visible sign is the abdomen. It begins to grow with such speed that by the end of the first trimester, its size can compare with those who have gathered in the decree. This is due to the increase in the size of the uterus. By the way, the weight will also gain very quickly. While the twins begin too early, before 20 weeks.
And it is interesting that children are moving simultaneously, creating a mother's noticeable discomfort, because you need to take the position of the body, comfortable for two.
In multiple pregnancies, it becomes very sensitive Breasts, it increases to 2-3 size, all touching it cause discomfort. Since two kids, the diaphragm begins to rise already in the early stages of pregnancy – this leads to the appearance of severe dyspnea throughout the term. Also the probability of occurrence in your family of twins increases if in your family these cases are already met.

If you think that all of the above symptoms you are experiencing, you can try to palpate a multiple pregnancy. To do this while walking, put both hands on the abdomen: if there are two of fruit, will clearly be felt two heads. Pay attention to the shape of your tummy: in a multiple pregnancy it will be square at the bottom.

Advice 4: When a doctor can determine pregnancy

In order to establish a pregnancy, the gynaecologist not only examines the woman on the gynecological chair. It also evaluates the results of ultrasound or blood test for special hormone. For each particular method has its own rules, when the doctor sees that the woman really pregnant.
When a doctor can determine pregnancy
To understand whether the pregnant woman, she gives blood for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Produces the hormone the shell of the embryo. From the moment he was introduced in the lining of the uterus (approximately the 3rd week of pregnancy), the HCG level doubles every 2-3 days. Blood hormone more than in the urine. Therefore, laboratory analysis of blood is an early and reliable method of determining pregnancy, when compared to the domestic Express tests. Already on day 10 after fertilization, the analysis will be positive (that is, in 3-4 weeks of pregnancy). For accurate results, it is recommended to donate blood for HCG a few times with a break of a few days in the same laboratory, because in another place in the rules can vary. The level of hormone in the blood the doctor can determine the duration of pregnancy. In the case of an ectopic or missed abortion (when the fetus stops developing) HCG grows much slower or not happening at all, so the cases better and earlier establish other ways of research.
The use of the ultrasound study to determine whether pregnancy is perhaps the most popular way home after rapid tests. When the embryo reaches a size of 1 cm, the doctor will be able to see it on the monitor. Typically, the baby grows so by about week 6. But there may be individual characteristics (long cycle in women with late ovulation or attaching to the uterus), then the pregnancy is confirmed 8-9 week. At the same time with the help of ultrasound one can establish the fetal heartbeat. It is very important for the diagnosis of missed abortion. On the monitor of the ultrasound, the gynecologist can also make an ectopic pregnancy or the presence of twins (triplets). In addition, the doctor may adjust the period of pregnancy up to the day, as in the 1st trimester individual variations in the size of the fetus is almost there.
If a woman knows about pregnancy and is drawn in female consultation, the doctor will examine her in the wheelchair. During this manipulation, he will see discoloration of vagina and cervix, and increase the size of the uterus and softening of its walls where the embryo is attached. It is potentially possible to palpate a pregnancy at 4 weeks, but this early on it can make only a very talented and experienced obstetricians-gynecologists. This occurs most often around 8 week. Therefore, the inspection on the gynecological chair is not the most early and authentic way of establishing pregnancy.
Useful advice
Before you go to the doctors, you should calculate how much days the expected delayed menstruation, and hold home of the rapid pregnancy test.

Advice 5: How to determine pregnancy after childbirth

After pregnancy and childbirth the woman's body needs about 6-8 weeks to come to normal. The exception is the normalization of hormonal levels and mammary glands. They are recovering a little longer. Since hormones affect the menstrual cycle to determine pregnancy some time after childbirth can be difficult, because menstruation during breast-feeding for most women, missing. In this regard, you should use other means of determining conception.
How to determine pregnancy after childbirth
You will need
  • - instant pregnancy test;
  • - necesbary for tests
Use instant test for pregnancy. These are sold in every pharmacy. The test detects levels of HCG (human Chorionic gonadotropin) in urine, the amount of which shows a woman's pregnant or not. Take the quiz and read the instructions carefully. Instant test for pregnancy is recommended in the morning as this is the time of day the hormone levels in urine maximum. Usually a rapid survey done about a week after the alleged date of onset of the next menstruation. But since afterbirthfirst period of menstruation is often absent, the test must be done when the first symptoms or doubts.
Listen to your feelings. Many women experience some discomfort during pregnancy – nausea, headaches, irritability, weakness and fatigue, sometimes even the desire to eat something spicy or salty, exacerbation of smell, frequent urination, etc.
Refer to the gynecologist. Tell the principal symptoms of your condition, especially your cycle until pregnancy and after childbirth and so on. The doctor performs a vaginal exam and determines whether you are pregnant or not.
Give blood for levels of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood. If its level is above normal, then most likely you are pregnant. This method of determining pregnancy is one of the most accurate.
Do the ultrasound (ultrasound). Using ultrasound to determine pregnancy, as well as pathology and deviation, with maximum reliability.
Sometimes the symptoms are similar to symptoms of pregnancy, you can talk about any illness or infection. To exclude this possibility, consult your doctor and get tested.
Useful advice
If a test for pregnancy was positive – is still not a 100% indicator of pregnancy, as well as the fact that you feel sick in the morning and pulls on solenenkoe". In any case, you should consult a doctor.

Advice 6: How to determine pregnancy at home

There are many signs of pregnancy. If ultrasound examination, the obstetrician-gynecologist and conducting pregnancy tests are the most reliable of them, we can distinguish a lot of other symptoms, makes you wonder about the possibility of replenishment in the family.
How to determine pregnancy at home

We can assume the existence of pregnancy before the beginning of the month. During the implantation of the ovum in the uterus, which occurs 6-10 days after fertilization, some women feel a slight tingling in the abdomen or region of the ovaries. Can go the so-called implantation bleeding on the underwear you receive a few drops of blood, and menstruation subsequently. Careful pregnant also notice in the morning when cleansing nose bleeding.

Will help to suspect pregnancy without a test and see a doctor symptoms such as morning sickness, delay the next menstruation, drowsiness, swelling and breast tenderness, mood swings, excessive irritability and tearfulness, frequent urination, increased gustatory and olfactory sensations, ferruginous taste in mouth, increased or poor appetite, craving for certain food, mild pain in the uterus, the jump or decline of libido.

To suspect the pregnancy by using the method of measuring basal body temperature. To plot every morning at the same time measured the body temperature in the anus, vagina or mouth. If pregnancy occurs on the chart you can see the temperature drop during implantation of the ovum, and then its increase observed during the first trimester of pregnancy.

There are popular ways to determine pregnancy at home. For example, if drip into the urine of the pregnant iodine, the drop will not spread and will remain on the surface. If soda is thrown into the urine, hisses, then pregnancy does not occur, if precipitated – on the contrary.

However, all these signs of pregnancy are not reliable, accurately determine the presence or absence of the ovum in the uterus can only be a doctor.

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