Disabling the "Creditand trust" can be made directly from your mobile phone, you do not even need to leave your home. You will only need to dial USSD-command *138*2# and press the call key. After the operator receives your request, it will terminate services on your number. By the way, any restrictions on connect/disconnect "Creditand confidence" in "the Megaphone" no: only as needed, you will be able to use it.
If necessary, free of charge to activate the service in any office of the company, and in the salon. Contact the person or the sales assistant, he will tell you how to calculate the credit limit (or do it myself). This limit can then be changed easily. To connect to "Loanand trust" when you call the salon you will need to have a document certifying the identity and the contract with the operator. The use of "Creditom" as its activation, is free.
If you for some reason it is inconvenient to apply directly at the office or living room, activate the service on their own. To do this, take your mobile and type on its keyboard USSD-command *138# and then press call button. Next you will need to determine the size of the loan package, that is its sum (it can be from 300 to 1700 rubles).
In addition, to manage services on your room and through the self-service system "Service-Guide". However, before you can use it just need to connect (through the system interface or the customer support center).
The operator "MTS" also provides a similar service, only it is called "Promised payment". To activate it, use a request to *111*32# or call the customer service Department 1113. If you are a subscriber of "Beeline" will receive a "confidential payment" service by dialing *141#. After that, your account will be credited in the amount of from 30 to 450 rubles.