"Trust payment" in "MegaFone" can be connected in two ways: free and paid. To receive this service for free, you must be a user of cellular communication "the Megaphone" at least four months and to Deposit your account is not less than 600 rubles for the last 3 months.
The amount of the trust paymentand""Megaphonee" depends on how much money you spend on communication services. That is, the more you spend, the greater the amount of the credit can count.
To connect the service "trust payment" in "MegaFone" you need to dial *138#1 and press the call button.
To connect the service "trust payment" in "MegaFone" on a fee basis, you need to plan well in advance. Namely, when you have on the account the necessary sum of money, dial *138# and specify the desired limit (300, 600, 900, etc.). You account will be charged the specified amount, but will return you when you'll need.