You will need
  • The Orthodox calendar.
Don't let the child born in December, name is harsh meaning. On the contrary, choose the names of the gentle and peaceful. This will help to balance short-tempered winter. For girls perfect names Juliana, Svetlana, Irina, Yana, Elena. Boys - Alex, Sergei, Vladimir, Anatoly, Roman.
Don't forget that the distinctive features of the December of the characters are straightforwardness, honesty, truthfulness. These people do not like intrigue and gossip, they prefer an open conversation, an honest relationship. Can not and do not like to cheat.
Pick up the December child's name corresponding to his character, to emphasize and strengthen all the positive aspects of his nature. For the December boys suit names: Alexander, Andrew, Cyril, Maxim, Constantine Gregory, Paul, Artem, Stepan. Suitable names for girls: Natasha, Irina, Anna, Catherine, Zoe, Naomi, Pauline, angelina.
Keep in mind and weaknesses of the December characters, which are, for example, excessive impetuosity, impulsiveness, even levity. People born in December, barely able to sit still, can't be in solitude, barely adjusting to the lack of communication. Also they are practical (especially in financial matters).
Trim these elaborate traits reserved names. Can the boy be called Peter, or Constantine, and the girl Maria or Catherine.
Use for the selection of the name Orthodox calendar. Our ancestors named children in honor of the Saint on the day on which falls the birth of the child. Thus the child received the heavenly patron for life, and his fate was associated with the traditions of the land on which he was born.
It is believed that to name the child, within eight days after his birth. The tradition of naming according to the Orthodox calendar, allows you to change the name of the Saint whose memorial day falls on any of the eight days after the birth of the child.
Do not forget to pay attention to how the name chosen for the child, combined with a patronymic. You need to look like the phonetic combination (consonance), and informative. For example, name and patronymic Konstantin Denisovich, though combined sonic (sound), but its parts are absolutely opposite in meaning. The name Constantine means constant, and Denis - derived from the name of the Greek God Dionysus, who is the personification of creative rebellion and unpredictability.