You will need
  • The Windows operating system.
If you deleted the icon "My computer" by accident, look in the recycle Bin by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. Click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" in the opened window and select "Restore". On a free space on the working tableand of your computerand will be the desired badge.
If the "Basket" the desired icon is not found, you can add it back using the system tools in Windows. Click the right mouse button on the start screen, tablee, select "Properties". In the opened window go to the tab "work table", click "customize your table". A new window will note the block Icons work tablea, check the box next to "My computer".
You can also restore the "My computer" in other ways. Click the start menu, locate the menu icon "My computer", click with the right mouse button on this icon and select "Show on desktop tablee". If the icon does not appear in the menu items "start", then right-click on the "start" button and select "Properties". In the opened window click "Customize", then go to the Advanced tab and activate the checkbox "My computer" (it is desirable to activate the "Show as menu").
You can restore the shortcut to "My computer" in another way. Click menu "start", hold left click "My computer" and drag it onto the work table. Thus, you can create a shortcut of any item that is in "start menu".