Advice 1: How to block games

On the Internet a large number of different computer games. You can play them endlessly. In this connection may arise such a need, as lock games. How to make this operation? It seems that this cannot be done. But it is not. It is very simple, however will need to take a specified action.
How to block games
You will need
  • Personal computer
Block the game in the following way. Go to local disk “C”, which stores all system programs. Select the folder "Windows". A window will open where you find the folder "system32". Go to it. Select the name of the "drivers". Click this folder with your mouse and it will open. Then look for "etc". Also open the folder. Select hosts and click the right button of the mouse. Select in the window "Open with Notepad". Appear before you text. Instead, enter and write the name of the server of the game. Save the changes under the name "hosts". Now, no one else will be able to play. The game will be unlocked only in case, if you restore the previous text in the "hosts".
Unable to lock to find files games. Remove there are several libraries that are needed to run the game. It is now impossible to play this game. Try it this way. Go to the folder with the game. Click on the empty space of the window with the right mouse button. Go to "Properties". Select "Security". There are able to put in the column "Deny all" or something like that.
Go to "start" the computer. Click "Run" and enter "Secpol.msc". Select the box "Policy restriction". Click "Additional rules". In the right margin click. Create a hash rule. Select the desired executable file. Then click "Apply". Go back to "Policy restriction". In the right margin of the properties, call the object as "Forced". To do this, click the right mouse button. Mark everything except the DLL and the local administrators. To block the game on your computer or some other program, do the following. Locate the file with the extension ".exe" and delete it. Now the game no longer starts.

Advice 2 : How to lock your computer from the child

You cannot guarantee that your teenager will not want to watch something forbidden on the Internet or, worse yet, to alter your data to the computer. As young children cannot resist the temptation to flip on the buttons of the system unit or keyboard. In order to avoid disastrous consequences, it was necessary to block the computer from the child.
How to lock your computer from the child
Lock the power button of the computer. Go to start menu – control panel – power options. When you click "advanced" in the drop-down list when you click power off, select "no action required". Click "apply".
For user account create a password. Go to start menu – control panel – user accounts". In the list find your account and click on the icon. Of the proposed transactions select "create a password". In the opened tab, type the password that the child will not be able to guess. Enter the confirmation. Click create a password.
To inhibit the computer from the child, find the keyboard key with the picture of the Windows logo and while holding it, press L. the result will be logged out of the system, but all the working apps will remain in the same condition. For entry into the system, enter the password in the window that will appear in the center of the desktop.
Set the "Parental control". Open the application "Parental control". To do this, click "start" select "control panel" - "parental control". In the opened window find the "create new account" and confirm the creation. Click the child's account and go to "controls". To restrict access to all games in the region "can...user games?". Select the "Yes"button.
If you want to allow access only to games of this age category in the "games with any rating can play a... user name...?", select the desired and click it.
To limit child's access to specific programs, select the "new password" - "allow and block specific programs". Next, switch on the option "user name... can only work with allowed programs". Following the instructions, select for blocking program.
For time limits of use of the baby computer, you can go to the "time Limit". The display shows a table with days of the week divided into hours. Click a selected period of time to block it. This is processed in the same way.
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