Treatment of colic in newborns

One of the best ways of dealing with intestinal colic in children is a walk in the fresh air. For this you need to put the baby in a sling or stroller and go for a walk. Walking and fresh air help to calm down and the mother and the baby.

Quite effective in the treatment of colic the baby are a special relaxing bath. Bathe your child needs before bedtime, adding a herbal decoction. After the newborn umbilical wound is fully healed, it is recommended before feeding to put on the tummy. Due to such a simple procedure to normalize the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract.

In the process of feeding must also carefully monitor the baby that it was not possible to swallow air. Quite often it is aerophagia is the cause of the colic in the newborn. In order to prevent the development of aerophagia follows a few minutes after and before feeding to keep baby upright.

Also to reduce the pain of the baby, it is important to warm his tummy. This is done using a well-ironed warm diaper. For this you need to put the baby tummy on your tummy and gently stroke his back. To deal with the accumulated gases in the intestine of the newborn, helps a light massage of the abdomen, as well as specific poses carry the child. For example, you can bring the baby's legs to your stomach and hold them a little in this position.

If such techniques do not help, you can try to give baby gripe water, fennel tea or herbal children's tea. If the baby is not drinking water, you need to drink the same gripe water mommy, it helps if the baby is fed breast milk.

How to prevent colic

To prevent colic in newborns, it is important not to feed infants if it is clear that he has hardened his tummy. It was then in the guts are going to Gaza. First, it is important to get rid of the problem and only then you can start feeding.

To avoid colic, it is important to know how to attach the baby to your breast in the process of breastfeeding. This allows you to avoid getting into the baby's body of excess air, which appear painful. For sure after the baby has eaten, you should lift and hold, hugging her tummy.