Will help you social networks such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or ICQ. Enter in a line of search nick your friend. If he was in one of these networks, you are sure to find it.
You can also check on your mail servers or etc.
If you know that your friend sometimes talks in various chat rooms, use the search in the system Use the command "u " nickname", which will show you whether the desired nickname in the chat at the moment or not.
Type in the text input box on the channel nick of the personyou want to find. In response you will receive information about the time and the date of his last visit. If the date and time matches the date and time of your search, that person is currently present on the im server or is on one of the channels. Then you can go to the list of channels and start searching for the audience, using his nickname.
If you have received response information with the difference in time, then the required people were on the chat server accordingly some time ago. In this case you can leave your desired message to nick and when he will again visit the chat server, you'll see your message and read it in the automatically opened window personal message channel.
If the search engine reports that the data at the specified nick at all, and will indicate the date and time of the statistics, then the chat server was restarted. And if your friend was in the chat, the information about his visits was removed for a specified period. In this case, you can also leave a message through a personal channel.
If you have the wrong nick, and the system will identify it as an unregistered user, when sending a direct message you will see the information that the recipient does not exist.